Tech Team
Ever wondered what goes on “behind the scenes” to help elevate our worship services? It’s alot! From presenting the lyrics of the worship music on the TV screens, to broadcasting our services live to social media, to even just adjusting the sounds of what you hear, our tech team is like the “brain” of the service, helping bring the full honor and glory of God to our services! And we are looking to expand the team in effort to further God’s kingdom through service. Are you interested yet? We are currently looking for someone to help serve with our outreach of live broadcasting to social media, but our hopes is that your service would be willing to stretch across all aspects of our tech team. If you are interested, please contact Colby Inman of the tech team, or our music minister, Julian Winkles, and we can see how we can get your plugged in!


Power Praise Children

Are you interested in singing with the Children? Kimberly Frame leads the Power Praise Children in singing on the 4th Sunday of each month in the PM Service. She could sure use some help with the youngins’ if you’re interested.


Rehoboth’s Itty Bitty’s

Rehoboth’s Itty Bitty’s sure would love for you to come play with them and read the Bible to them in the Nursery! Are you interested? Please get with Kimberly Frame if so.


J.A.M. and Bulldog Power Club

J.A.M. and Bulldog Power Club could always use extra help! If you’d like to hang out with a bunch of youngins’ and teach them all about Jesus and love on them, please  get with Lori Hosmer.

Coming soon

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